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At G.IRL, we take safety seriously. We acknowledge that it is a global issue and we are proactive in improving everyone's safety and experience at our events. We believe any victim and will respond to incidents in a consistent, professional and empathetic way. 

Safety is a collective responsibility. Here's what we are doing as an organisation to combat the issue: 


As an organisation who brings people together at night, we recognise we have a duty of care to ensure spaces do not further enable harassment, assault or violence towards women or anyone else. It is important to recognise that taking responsibility is not the same as taking liability. The person liable for unacceptable behaviour is the person doing it, and anyone committing a crime in our space will face consequences. 


Although we cannot prevent every single incident, when it does happen, we pledge to make reporting simple, discreet, and through hassle-free choices. Once we have been contacted, the process of what happens after reporting will be outlined to you with a clear range of options of how the incident can be dealt with. 


We encourage you to speak up, and every person who comes forward will be believed. We prioritise safety and care, and will deal with incidents in a consistent, professional and empathetic way.  


We endeavour to redesign our spaces to be welcoming and to minimise the risk of enabling ‘opportunistic’ perpetrators, including but not limited to CCTV, trained security, paramedics on site, and to spread messaging to all our guests via online and offline methods. 


G.IRLs’ Seven Commitments

  1. Champion – We are appointing Terri Hartshorn as the named contact who will champion and drive forward any action taken. 
  2. Communicate – We will launch a public facing communications campaign both online (social media posts, website)  and posters in our physical spaces. We will make use of our internal and external channels to communicate our zero tolerance policy on unacceptable behaviour and give clear options for how to report incidents. 
  3. Support our staff – We have routes in place to support our staff who report unacceptable behaviour while at work.
  4. Support the public – We have routes in place to support the public while using our services or spaces at night.
  5. Training: responding – We will continue to undertake training on the issue, including how to respond, and any relevant policies.
  6. Training: recording – We will continue to train staff on information sharing and appropriate recording of personal details.
  7. Design for safety – We will audit our spaces and adapt them to promote a safer environment and reduce risk of crime. 



We are one of the businesses signed up to the governments Women’s Night Safety Charter, pledging to help make London one of the safest cities for women at night.


We have partnered with local Met Police and Safer Neighbourhood teams to network and share best practices.


We are proud members of Club GNO and Trained & accredited by the Good Night Out Association ( who train nightlife workers to understand and prevent sexual violence. 


How to report 

You can report incidents via these methods:


The contact form on our website 

In person at any of our events - ask for Terri Hartshorn